About us

What does "Harihar" stand for ?

"Harihar" is constituted of two words "Hari" which stands for Lord Vishnu and "Har" which stands for Lord Shankar. The entire nature is driven by Lord Vishnu whereas Lord Shankar is considered as Lord of Nature Balance. It is this sacred combination which led to the creation of word "Harihar."


FOUNDER Shri Jayantilal Vithaldas Mehta

The founder, Shri Jayantilal Vithaldas Mehta is an epitome of devotion and an exalted soul. He had strong passion to serve the mankind and what better way to do it then to uplift the souls of men to attain the status of saint by giving them the precious gifts in the form of vedic literature. He made a beginning in 1923 with a modest establishment. Shree Harihar Pustakalaya soon became a name of recognition in pre-independence scenario when it launched the very first publication "Samajni Sandhya" in 1925.

Some of the milestones in chronological manner are mentioned below:

  • In 1925, the first publication "Samajni Sandhya" was released.
  • The second publication was "Adhoori Asha"
  • A revolutionary book in pre-independence India, "Bhagatsingh Tiger" was banned by British Government.
  • The publisher gradually started publishing books in the area of Religion, Fiction, Education, Technical, Astrology and related fields.
  • Post-Independence scenario has witnessed various publications in areas which are still untouched, however quite comprehensive.
  • Mr. Manoj Jayantilal Mehta took the reins of Publication house in 1962. Mr. Viral Mehta, following his father's footsteps also joined the publishing house in 1986. Mr. Viral M. Mehta, recognized for his simple and religious nature carries a broad vision of taking Shree Harihar Pustakalay to commanding heights in 21st Century.

We at Shree Harihar Pustakalaya are one of the leading publishers in India. The pustakalya's main aim is to promote and spread awareness among its readers for the principles of different religions and their culture. We also provide a diverse range of books of general nature such as character building books, fictions, novels and various others.

We believe the religious and sacred texts of Hindu mythology such as Gita and Ramayana serve as the panacea for mankind's plight and thus began their publication to spread good intent and good thoughts among others. We are in the sacred business for last decade and have served the academic community through our serials and monographs on Indian religion, philosophy, history, culture, mysticism, yoga, tantra, occult, astronomy, astrology technology, science, art, literature, linguistics, history and other related subjects.

We have got sophisticated publishing facilities in-house with an annual capacity of publishing 150 new publications.


We have been consistently pursuing our noble aim of developing indian writing for the international and domestic market. We have a large number of books distributed in the market, consistently patronaged by book lovers all over India.


The Shree Harihar Pustakalaya aims at achieving the target of providing the epics of Hindu mythology and great literary works of various great world famous masters at a very competitive price, to make a rise in book buying and a buyers shelf spaces. We aim to promote the art of living as propounded in the epitome of various religious teachings. We aim at:

  • Providing Quality Gujarati Literature in diverse subjects.
  • Making our publications common man's friendly by keeping our language and images simple and effective.
  • Roping in Quality Litterateurs who can influence masses and elite with their effective writings.
  • Providing publications in the area of Religion, Palmistry, Technical, Astrology and other areas of common man's interest which are not formally taught in schools.
  • Putting meticulous attention on paper quality, printing work, binding work in order to provide the best quality books at the most economical prices.
  • Providing technical books to people who would like to be entrepreneurs. We provide specific and clear guidelines in our books.


The same kind of thoroughness and commitment to quality is infested in each creation to make it a state of art literature. Moreover in any case of appraisal, we let our customers and literature tell the fascinating story of empowering our readers with the interesting and lucid text.